Tuesday, November 25, 2014

E's Popeye Dress {ALYOF}

I finished it! 
 In a previous post, I showed you a Popeye Skater Dress that I made for a friend's little girl who recently arrived... I figured that I might as well make Evelyn one at the same time. 

Evelyn's dress is a little different. This is my first sleeveless Skater and I didn't have enough of the Popeye fabric for the skirt. The skirt is a thin, black knit instead... and because it was so thin, I decided not to hem it. I haven't tried it on Ev yet, as I made it a little big so she can grow into it for the summer. When summer does arrive in 6 months or so, we'll see if we have to shorten the skirt any.  If she grows into it sooner, we have a black turtleneck that can go underneath :)

She likes dresses... and soft things... so she liked carrying her new outfit around until I hung it up in her closet.

Happy Girl!

Pattern: Skater Dress by Kitschy-Coo
Top Fabric: Popeye The Sailor Man and a red ribbed knit (both from a Craigslist purchase)
Bottom Fabric: Thin, stretchy black knit from a chain store

November ALYOF Goal is Complete!
Goal Post: Here
Entry Number on Goal Linky: 25

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