Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec Goal Complete {ALYOF}

My December goal was to finish the binding on this baby quilt. I started working on this goal yesterday during E's nap, and then finished it after she went to bed. Yay for quick goals during busy, busy months!

Number 49 on the ALYOF Goal Linky

I think the favorite part of the quilting process for E is when I'm done and it's through the wash and it's time for me to clip threads. She then decides that the quilt becomes the perfect dance floor! 

Twirl, Twirl, Twirl.

This quilt is set for donating... along with two other scrappy baby quilts and some school supplies I picked up this fall. School supplies bought in the fall rarely last throughout the school year - especially pencils! So, I hope these help some students start the new year off with the right foot! The quilts will arrive in perfect time for a few more months of cold-cold-cold winter weather... brrr!

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