Friday, June 13, 2014

A NZ Skirt in a Playhouse

Here's the second half of the NZ outfit... you can see the intro post here and the tunic post here.

Turns out, I like this skirt a lot more than I thought I would as I was sewing it up. 

It just looks so sweet paired with a white onesie and white shoes... and of course, a yellow daffodil :)

We decided to play in my old playhouse a bit. 

Evelyn likes it more and more each time she goes in it.

I've talked about my playhouse once before, back on my old blog (post is here... it's also a post about how Dan proposed!). My dad built it for me and my mom and I have been furnishing it ever since :)

But, here are some inside pictures. 

No, I never spent the night out in my playhouse, but I spent hours and hours out here, mixing up "food" and acting like I was either a pioneer (like Laura Ingalls Wilder!) or like I was on a food show about how to cook like pioneers. 

Yes, I had a vivid imagination.. and I loved Laura Ingalls (how can you not when you grow up half an hour away from where 5 of her books are set?!)

Ok, enough about my old playhouse and enough with the NZ outfit. Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Great skirt! Love the little playhouse. Such fun memories.