Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Evelyn's First Skater Dress {Picture Heavy!}

As I was scrolling the internet one night, I came across this free add-on (free pattern pieces but no instructions) for the Little Skater Dress. I printed off the pattern pieces, and while I probably could have figured out how to sew it together without the actual pattern (by Kitschy-Coo), I decided to buy the pattern anyways. I figured I'd be making a lot of these in the coming years! And after sewing up this one, I truly hope I can get more done. It was a quick and easy project, and...


Isn't it adorable?! 

I love that the top is fitted and the skirt is slightly flared (but no gathers!). The pattern comes with several sleeve options... sleeveless, short and long. 

As I continue to sew with knit fabric, the more I like them (this was a craigslist purchase back in Montana). What's not to like?! With knits, I don't need to worry about zippers, buttons or snaps. Sweet bliss!!

My double needle worked really well, and I used a yellow ribbed knit from my stash for the neckline and armbands.

Lucky coincidence... Ev's cloth diaper cover matched the dress perfectly ;)

I love that the knit fabric makes this a no-fuss, comfy play dress. She can help feed the cows in it and I don't have to worry about her getting it dirty! Just keep playing, Ev!

She can help Grandma plant her garden and flower pots in it...

And just go for a walk around grandma's backyard...

There's always time to explore the playhouse and pick a dandelion...

And finally, it's time to check out the machine shed. No Ev, you're not quite ready for the trike yet! 

Thanks for hanging out with us during Ev's favorite time during the day... being outdoors ;)

**This is just a typical outdoor playtime for Ev. She just walks, walks, walks and explores, explores, explores... and I just follow, follow, follow. This time, I just decided to keep the camera handy :)

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