Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Goal Complete {ALYOF}

 I've completed my June Goal! 

I finished attaching the binding to this Christmas Tree Skirt which is destined to become a wedding present for one of my best friends.

Since I've had so many wedding and graduation presents to make for this summer, I had a local long-armer quilt two of the skirts. She did this fun holly leaves and berries pattern with a variegated thread.

After having it quilted, I cut (gasp!) out the circle (and did a lot of zigzags and tight stitching to prevent unraveling). Whenever I do this, I can just imagine finding an old vintage quilt and making it into a Christmas tree skirt... wouldn't that be fun?!

But, in case I can never find the perfect (perfect looking and perfect price!) vintage quilt, I'll look forward to making a scrappy skirt for myself someday :)

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  1. I made a tree skirt once and had to cut up a side and make a center. It does take some courage but is so worth it! Your is beautiful and what a lovely idea for a wedding present.

  2. You could use the same pattern for a table cloth for a table with an umbrella!

  3. Time to make one for yourself before you become like the cobbler whose children had no shoes! It's a cute project and a thoughtful gift that the new couple will surely cherish.

  4. A beautiful finish. My husband wants a new tree skirt. I need to get busy. Thanks for the inspiration!