Wednesday, February 5, 2014

9 Month Casual Update

Another of those late but still necessary posts... some casual scenes of Evelyn.

 She still loves being outside. She used to be quiet and observant, but she has started to chatter a bit more outside as well. She loves being tossed around - no fear! She smiles at the cows, and she enjoys the sled. We sadly don't have enough snow anymore for the sled, so the sled is currently in our car's trunk for when we go "north" to see my parents again... they are only two hours away but have a lot more snow.

 She has started playing better by herself! Of course, she can be easily distracted if she hears or sees someone, but for the most part she does well. Taking things out of boxes, baskets and tubs is a favorite activity... especially pots and pans and clean laundry. I am excited because she has actually taken an interest in books. For awhile there I was getting nervous - I'm quite a book worm when I get involved with a good book or series, and I would love for my daughter to enjoy them as well.

 She also loves playing with my sewing items. Don't worry, I only leave things in reach that are safe... no rotary cutters, pins or scissors! But things like rotating cutting mats, rulers and scraps, I don't mind if she'll play with, especially if it gives me a few more minutes to finish sewing the seam I'm working on ;)

I love watching her with her Daddy... and I laugh at how Daddy plays with her. Here he decided to pile all her toys on top of her. She didn't seem to mind, ha! She loves music and so was enthralled when Dan played the guitar for her.

Soon it will be time for the 10 month updates. Guess I better get the next set of pictures off my phone!

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