Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evelyn at Christmastime

 This post is only a month or so late... but better late than never!

There was the perfect little sleigh at my parents' house to take Evelyn's Christmas picture with. Mom actually puts all the Christmas letters in it, but I just dumped those out ;)

Later that day, Auntie Sarah gave Evelyn a new book (and Roxy gave lots of licks... Evelyn just laughed and laughed). This book has flaps and textures and has since become one of Ev's favorites. 
And who could resist sharing some of her crazy faces?

Then, with Dan's side there is a tradition of having Great-Grandpa pull the little ones along in the toy wagon. Evelyn wasn't quite sure what was happening, but she still gave out a few smiles. Don't you just love that bedhead? The following day, Ev enjoyed showing her second cousin her new toy... He is just 8 months older.

Finally, what is Christmas without a few carols sang around the piano? That top picture may just become a postcard for next year. She doesn't beeline for the piano as often anymore, but for awhile there, she couldn't get enough.

Merry Belated Christmas ;)

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