Monday, February 24, 2014

Evelyn is 10 Months Old!

Happy 10 months, Little Girl!

  • Naps are slowly getting better, although we're trying to figure out how many she needs a day... sometimes she gets two and sometimes she gets three. Just depends on her mood that day.
  • Mac and Cheese is her favorite. Beans and peas and noodles and fruit are all yummy, too. We've been introducing meats... she"ll eat them most of the time. We love that she feeds herself instead of us having to take turns eating and feeding her with a spoon. (I also let her try some chocolate pudding... you know, so she can try sweets a few times before we give her some cake on her birthday!)
  • Her smiles and laughter are contagious.
  • Her cranky moods are contagious, too ;)
  • She has learned how to do "How Big" - definitely a highlight of the past month!
  • The crazy update of the month - we tried giving her scrambled eggs(knowing it's a possible allergen, but she did fine with peanut butter), which ended in a big red rash on her face where she rubbed it. It was gone by the next day, and it didn't seem to bother her (which we were super thankful for). We tried again a few weeks later, with no reaction... although she only picked up and ate a small piece. It appears then that it was a one time deal, but of course we'll still be careful. 
  • Walking still hasn't happened yet, although she gets closer each and every day. She is very comfortable walking while only holding one of our hands now, instead of both.
  • No new teeth... we're still at 8.
  • Still loves music and "dancing" although the dancing may have less to do with music than it does with her being happy - she also "dances" while sitting on my lap and to the noises of blenders and washing machines).
  • She loves exploring the dishwasher, washing machine (under supervision), and the outdoors through windows.
  • Flappy books are her favorite - she has only torn of three flaps in three books, so that's don't too bad ;)
  • She'll smile at strangers as long as they don't try to hold her. Church is the perfect example of this. She will smile at people behind us, but if anybody wants to hold her after the service, she quickly cuddles into our shoulder (the only time she truly cuddles!).
Ok, that's all for now. Watch for more Evelyn updates in the casual post coming later this week :) And before we know it, she'll be 11 months... and then 1 year old!

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