Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goal {ALYOF}

This is the month we move into our new home!!!

 So, I'll keep this simple. I'll finish sewing these 4-patches and then combine them with these scrappy charms to create 2 baby quilt tops... these will be destined for donation!

I had hoped that this project would help me get rid of my crazy stash of 3" scraps, but I still have plenty!

 You see, back when I was just getting back into sewing and quilting, I took my mom's stash and cut a lot of it into 3" squares (ugh, I didn't iron before cutting and I cut a lot of it off-grain... what was I thinking? I could have made so many other things with that fabric if I hadn't cut it all up!!!!).

Anyways, I had this brilliant idea of creating a beautiful half-square triangle quilt that I saw in one of my mother-in-law's quilting books. Yeah, that never happened. And it won't ever happen either... I just don't have the right fabric for it, and I realized it's not really my style. Now, I have all these squares!

To be honest, though, they are perfect for entertaining Ev while I'm sewing - she loves throwing them around the room :) BUT, I don't think she'll miss the 80 4-patches I created with some of her squares! Like I said, there are plenty of squares left!!

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  1. you found a great way to use these. I have cut a lot of scraps into 5", 3.5", and 2.5" squares. And I've been pleasantly surprised at how often I use these in scrappy projects. Unfortunately it never seems to make a dent in my scrap bin.