Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ruffled Halter for the Fourth of July

Remember that Ruffles Blog Hop last spring? Well, Evelyn finally wore the ruffled halter I made! Head back to the blog hop post for more information on patterns and fabrics.

This was the perfect top for the 4th of July! She spent most of the day with Dan's parents while Dan and I participated in a local sand volleyball tournament. They brought her to watch the first game... she watched the game longer than I expected, but then she was off to explore the nearby park equipment. Ev doesn't stay still for long!

If you recall, the ruffles on this top were cut on the bias, which reduces fraying, which in turn meant I didn't have to hem the ruffles.. or so the pattern said. I've washed it three times now and most of the ruffles are fine; the fabric frayed just a tiny bit just like it was supposed to, but there's one spot on the top ruffle that frayed more than the rest and it has already reached the stitch line. Don't ask me why! I think it will still hold up for a few more washes, but I may just add length next time to hem them... because if I'm going to take the time and use the fabric to make something, I want it to last! (I'm sure my Mom is thinking "I told you so!" right now!)

In other news, I really like wildflowers :)

These were both taken at my parents' lake cabin. Dad has since mowed them down since they were in a big weed patch by the road, but I enjoyed them while they lasted :) The yellow was a volunteer snapdragon. There were a lot of them in the weed patch... not sure how they got there, but I loved them! 

Don't worry, I "fed" one of the flowers a rock for old time's sake! Please tell me that I'm not the only one who "feeds" my snapdragons?!

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