Thursday, February 23, 2017

Handmade in the Wild: The Tea Party Peplum

The hardest thing to get E to do during the winter is to wear a sweater, so we have to have lots of long sleeve shirts that can go under sleeveless and short sleeve tops. Flashback to last summer, when long sleeves and sweaters aren't needed!

The kids love watching Daddy change the oil on the vehicles. E also learned how to ride a big girl big (with training wheels) last summer. It was amazing to watch her practice and practice while still needed us to push her to get started, and then all of a sudden she could start and turn with no help. Now we need to work on leg strength to ride on the gravel roads by our house...

Here, E is trying to show little brother how to blow up balloons (even though she can't really do it herself). He was her little shadow last summer, and some things definitely haven't changed yet ;) 

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