Thursday, March 2, 2017

Handmade in the Wild: A Bad Deal

This was an interesting evening early last fall. 

We were walking up the steps to a church - we had music class for the kiddos in there that evening. The kids absolutely love the music class! JT was being stubborn and wanted to climb the concert steps himself, but he slipped and bonked his mouth on one of the steps. I immediately scooped him up and hugged his head to my shoulder. It wasn't until we were inside and I saw blood drops that I realized he was bleeding... a lot! The teacher (who we are good friends with), helped by bringing paper towels, cleaning up the drips and distracting Ev, while James and I hung out in the bathroom. Normally, you apply pressure and the bleeding stops, but it's hard to apply pressure to a 16-month-old's bleeding lip! He just would not let me keep it there! Eventually, the bleeding did stop, and we did start music class - I just wore a bit of blood on my shoulder through it all. 

Thankfully, I soaked it once we were home, and it came right out. Woohoo! JT just had a bit of a fat lip for a day or two, and he was right as rain. It definitely wasn't the last time he had a bleeding accident ;)


  1. I found that hydrogen peroxide solves a lot of blood stain issues. It's saved me several times.

    1. Thanks Moneik! I read about hydrogen peroxide as I was soaking the shirt. It was going to be my next try if plain water didn't work!!!