Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paper-dolls on a Quilt

Wow! Just realized that I never shared this post once I gave the quilt away! I made this quilt when I was making quite a few other baby quilts for friends (link to all posts about baby quilts), but then I saved it while waiting for someone to have a baby girl :)

A friend of mine finally had one this past summer, and this quilt made the journey to New Mexico. As it turns out, that friend actually moved to my town just four months later, right after Christmas - I am loving having my friend and her family so close!!!

The quilt was made with panels of paper dolls - I don't have any information about it, as it was a gift when we were still living in Montana. I made the corner blocks from some 30s reproduction squares that I had in my stash. The yellow was also in my stash, along with the backing fabric. Since I didn't want to machine quilt through the paper doll blocks, I did some straight line quilting around the blocks and then used embroidery thread for inside the blocks.

There is nothing like quick baby quilts for stash busting! (My goodness, she was so little... but I guess these were taken two years ago!)

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