Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine's Day Tea Party

Tadah released their Tea Party Dress last summer, and I've been wanting to make E one ever since. It has so many neckline and back options! My favorite has always been the boat neck with scoop back, which is what I made here...

It's a pink with gold heart cotton from JoAnn's. I chose the circle skirt option which takes a bit more fabric from the straight skirt, but I think the circle skirt makes for a sweater twirl :)

The skirt is actually supposed to be about 4" longer, but before I put the skirt together, E took a safety scissors to the front pattern piece. Sigh. I know, I know. After several talks with her, I am going to be positively hopeful that she will be more careful with what fabric she plays with. I like curating her creative side, but she also needs to learn what fabric (aka scraps) she is allowed to play with. I love watching her cut and "sew" dresses for me, her daddy, friends and cousins, but in this case, I do wish the skirt could have been the original length :) 

Instead, E has a fun, casual tunic for Valentine's Day!

Happy Love Day!


  1. Mikaela and I are constantly having this discussion. Luckily she hasn't cut anything that I've really needed, but I do have to watch her like a hawk.

    1. Haha! Yes, here I was just being thankful that she was finally playing by herself downstairs while I was busy getting lunch ready. Well, we've definitely had plenty of conversations since then about what she can and cannot cut (and I'm trying not to put things I need on the floor!! Ha!).