Wednesday, July 29, 2015

James {3 Month Update}

This little man is 3 months old! (Well, 3 and a half months now, but who's counting?)

He can be quite smiley when he wants to be! He continues to grow, although we won't have official weight and height measurements again until his 4 month appointment. He's still in size 2 diapers and 3-6month clothing.

As always, everyone is happier when Daddy gets home from work :) James can be pretty selective of who he allows to hold him, and while he is the most content with me, Dan is able to calm him down with a pacifier and white noise. 

Daddy celebrated his 30th birthday this past month! We didn't do anything too exciting, but it's near the 4th of July, so with all the traveling we did to see family that weekend, it just felt like one big birthday celebration :) 

James' first 4th of July was spent both at my parents' lake cabin and my inlaws' farm. He never was around the fireworks that much, so we'll have to wait until next year to see how he likes them (E's favorite is the smoke bombs). 

Happy (5th) of July! We didn't get into our patriotic gear until Sunday for church. 

Since James is getting more and more content, E can hold him more... and look, he's smiling at her sisterly kiss :)

Like I said, he is getting more and more content, which prompted us to stop his reflux meds after the 4th. There was no change afterward, so I knew that it was OK to stop. 

Tummy time is always more fun with new friends (even if they live on diaper boxes). For about a week, he was doing lots of rolling from tummy to back, but then he stopped... I'm guessing he figured out how to do it, so he practiced it for awhile, but since he prefers his tummy, he decided to stop doing it as often :)

He still hates his carseat, but he doesn't seem to scream 80% of the time any more... maybe closer to 75% ;) We had to capture him looking like Budda while (gasp!) sleeping in the car!!

Cloth diapers were introduced this month! We still use a lot of disposables, but the cloth seem to be working just fine at home. Oh, and he's able to hold on to toys we give him for little bits at a time. Hopefully, he'll start reaching for them himself soon.

We have pictures of E balancing on Daddy's hand at this age as well.

His cousin who is a year older than him doesn't appear ready for a sibling yet - look how he his hugging my sister-in-law's leg! So cute :) 

Cousin time at the cabin!

E does a decent job of sharing, as you can see on the top picture. I'm still on the look-out at rummage sales for a boy-ish chair or couch for James.

Documented proof that I had both kids sleeping on me at once in the rocking chair. E was crabby after not sleeping during her naptime, so I was singing and rocking both of them... and they both fell asleep! I don't see it happening again anytime soon, ha!

A few snapshots of E... fishing with Grandpa, swinging with Daddy and feeding her other grandpa's cows!

A little snippet of E at three months... Blog Post

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