Monday, March 30, 2015

Family Photo Series {Couples}

There are so much inspiration on the internet for different poses, especially for couples. However, the main reason that I never want to become a professional photographer is because I just don't feel comfortable choosing just the right poses to get the best pictures and then talking the subjects into those poses. Thankfully, this family photoshoot was pretty low-key, and everyone helped each other with pose ideas :)

Here is a fun and casual pose that was perfect for these two :) Smiles everywhere!

The grandparents! 

Always love a good close-up :) but you may notice that he is wearing black and she is wearing brown. This may not bother some (specifically my husband, ha!), but it is something to be watchful of as the person behind the camera.

So, we switched up the pose and had him take the vest off. 

Not a whole lot of "lessons" in this post, but it does show a few different pose possibilities for couples!

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