Monday, June 13, 2016

Onesie Gifts are Complete!

Eek! I've had this post ready to go, but I just forgot to post it!

These onesie sets took me longer to sew up than they should have just because I kept choosing to accomplish quick sews between the different steps.

But finally, these are done and all but one has been delivered!

Pattern: Peekaboo Lullaby Line Bodysuit and the Peekaboo Spunky Skater Skirt
Fabrics are a mixture of stash knits and old t-shirts that have special meaning to each of the recipients
(Three SDSU Jackrabbits, one city rec softball, one 4-H and one band and choir shirt that was designed by the little girls' mom)

I've been pleasantly surprised with the reception of these onesies. They have all been so appreciative and it's been so fun to see a few of the babies in their special creations! (They fit!!)

I should go pick out two more shirts to upcycle... a classmate and a cousin are both due in September!


  1. Just too cute! As I've said before, you could start a business with these. Adorable - so no surprise that the new moms love them.

  2. I just love these onesies and they have such special meaning. Great job!