Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two More Upcycled Onesies

Valentine's Day Weekend was a busy weekend for my friends :) 
One baby boy was born on Saturday and another on Sunday. One was a day after his due date while the other one was right on time!

Both Moms (and one of the Dads!) were teammates of mine in college, so of course both babies needed SDSU creations! 

One of these is already on the way to its new home, but the other will have to wait for a baby shower. 

I still have several cut out and ready to go... more babies are on the way!

Fabric: Upcycled T-shirts along with black, blue and grey cotton lycra from various shops - both online and local


  1. These are so stinking cute! Maybe because they are Jacks shirts, but still so adorable.

  2. Love these! You could sure start a business with such cute creative onesies.