Monday, February 22, 2016

Magrath Dress at Grandma's House {Testing}

We spent two nights at my parents' house during the Magrath testing week, so I thought we would try to take our initial pictures there. 

Well, finding the correct lighting with a "pretty" background is tough to figure out at their house, so here are a few fun pictures to make you chuckle and smile...

I used lace tablecloths taped to the wall and draped on the floor (to cover up some plain oak bi-fold closet doors and neutral carpet).

I raided Mom's vintage hat collection and set up a few hat boxes.

Grandma's shoes, vintage gloves, and a few 5-year-old wedding flowers (Mom doesn't throw away anything... kind of like me, ha!) round out the photoshoot.

All-in-all, it was entirely too busy of a set-up, especially with the lace background, but we all had a good time during it!

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