Thursday, August 27, 2015

Family Adventures {July to August}

In no particular order...

E just keeps growing up... her speech is continuously improving and her vocabulary is expanding. She still loves books and fruit snacks and dancing. She has started keeping her sunglasses on for longer than 5 seconds, she goes in spurts of letting me put bows in her hair, requesting two bows at a time, and then refuses bows on other days. One day she decided to reach for the moon.

We attending a family camp mini-session at Mt. Carmel in Minnesota. It really was a wonderful few days... 

... we attended with Dan's parents and sister's family. E went on her first kayak ride. We were in cabin 9 :)

We spent quite a bit of time with my family - both at my parents' lake cabin and at their home. My older brother's family was around for a couple weeks and we wanted to get in lots of cousin time! (E found a Mickey fishing box at a rummage sale and now thinks fishing is just so much fun!).

Then we had to say good by to that family (the top picture shows my other brother and his wife doing a good-bye selfie with our nephew)... they are off on a 2 year adventure to Guam where my brother is now one of the general surgeons at the naval hospital. E said good-bye to Lolo... the only other girl cousin on my side (she has 2 girl cousins on Dan's side). Two years will go by quickly, but the kiddos will surely have changed a lot!!

Last but not least... we froze some corn :) Our garden produced quite a bit of sweet corn, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. The carrots grew but they are not the best. We have a few pumpkins ripening still along with some decorative gourds. While the garden produced broccoli and okra, the broccoli never grew big enough heads and the okra was picked too late. We enjoyed this first year in our garden and look forward to applying what we learned next year!

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