Tuesday, August 25, 2015

James at 4 Months {JT Update}

Hip, Hip Horay for this little guy being 4 months old! 

We definitely turned a corner on his fussiness around 3.5 months... he still doesn't like his carseat all the time, and I'm pretty sure we've hit the 4 month sleep regression... but he is so much happier than he used to be! Praises!!

We celebrated his baptism. Doing so had us serving lunch to around 50 family members and friends at our house. It was our first big hosting event and it really went well! It was so wonderful celebrating James' special day surrounded by so many family and friends! I figure we won't have to worry about hosting that many people again until high school graduations (just a few years away, ha!), as hosting holidays or even birthdays will never be to such a large group. A big thanks to my mom for helping clean the house and to everyone who helped in the kitchen on that day. I appreciate all of you!

This outfit was one that Dan wore, so I had to to make sure to take pictures in it before James outgrew it! Future baseball player? We'll just have to wait and see...

The many faces of James :) 
The top two are during breaks from the carseat going to and from family camp.
Then we have a smile of stealing Sister's chair after she had gone to bed... and then I was trying to teach him how to play with his toes.
What?! He's not crying in his carseat? Yay James! And, special daddy-son bonding time.

Cute toes during a nap :)

Time with cousin Lolo and with Grandpa Tim.

Sister time!!

More special people... 2nd cousins, first cousins and mommy's running friends!


  • Size 2 diapers
  • Slowly transitioning from 3-6 month clothing to 6-9 month clothing
  • Lots of drool and finger chewing, but his doctor doesn't think his teeth are even close to coming in
  • He can finally keep the pacifier in by himself, although we try to only use it if he really needs it - like in the car, hanging out with anyone other than me, and if he's just being super fussy
  • He loves his crinkly book and softie
  • He has a very strong grip!
  • He loves to stand and smile and chuckle
  • Rocking is still the quickest way to get him to sleep
  • For most of the past month, he had been waking about once a night to eat
  • He still doesn't like bath time
  • He loves his sister (except when his sister pokes him in the face, ha!) and his sister loves him!

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  1. So cute! You are a brave gal to host that large of a group in your house, so I'm glad to hear it went well.