Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where I Sew. Soon.

Our new home has three has three bedrooms on the main level, so at the moment I have a room that can be specifically for my sewing and crafting time! If/when Ev gets a sibling, I would then get kicked to the basement guest room... but until then, here's the start of my Creating Room!

My mom recently refinished the dresser you see (I'll have close-up pictures another time). It now stores all sorts of crafty needs. But before I packed the drawers, I laid down vintage sheets as drawer liners. Quick and easy!

A few days later I was able to set up a few display areas :) Again, I'll have close-ups another time, but until then, you can see snip-its of some of my vintage goodness that can be both functional and inspirational!

Of course, this girl hasn't really loved the fact that her mother has been busy unpacking and organizing and setting up a new house. So, what's a mom to do? 

Let your daughter go crazy in the ribbon and notion hat box and play in the yo-yo tin! Sure, it means that you'll have an extra 5 minutes of cleaning later... but you did get 10 minutes of quiet unpacking while she had fun!

Soon, I may even get some sewing time! Hopefully...

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