Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ev Update {First Half of the Summer}

Beach Baby at Grandma and Grandpa's lake cabin.

Enjoying her new play structure in our backyard. 

We've done lots of driving and traveling! She still loves big beds and being entertained in the car... but now, she hands things back over her carseat if she doesn't want that item. She's getting a little more picky about what books, toys and treats I hand to her!

Always wanting to hold things. This is why I need to sew her a purse :) 

She loves sitting in chairs and being pushed on toys. 

  • Her words include variants of "moo, ball, hi, yes, no." Her jabbering changes by the day and she is trying so hard to talk in sentences... she's just not quite there yet :)
  • She loves fruit - grapes, watermelon, strawberries,  and blueberries. She loves pasta and rice and lots and lots of cheese. Yogurt is our go to dairy food at the moment, since she's just not loving milk yet. We had been tapering down on nursing and completely gave it up a few weeks ago. She hasn't seemed to mind.
  • Cloth diapers in the house and disposables at night and when we're on the go... the front loader that came with our house hasn't seemed to mess up my washing routine too much yet!
  • She cuddles with stuff animals and pretends to feed her dolls.
  • She'll bring me books to read, although sitting through an entire book is hard for her still.
  • She can build with her big legos herself instead of just knocking down what we build.
  • She loves bath time, especially when there are bath crayons involved.
  • One of her favorite pastimes is taking objects out of a container and putting them into another. So intriguing! :)
  • She begs for stroller and wagon rides, although I don't like going too far, because you never know when she'll start to fuss.
  • She loves putting things away... especially her shoes, and she loves throwing things away when we ask - so far, so good in that we haven't found any non-garbage items in the garbage!
  • Last but not least, she enjoys being a helper. A smile will light up her face if I ask her to help carry something or if I ask her to take something to Daddy :)

While she may drive us crazy with her busy-ness and her short attention span, this is an amazing time of her development. She is learning so much and can understand a lot of what we say. It is so wonderful to watch!

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