Friday, August 29, 2014

This 'n' That

The daughter's room has been painted, her furniture has been painted, and her walls are being decorated. My husband's office desk will be painted soon, along with some reclaimed wood shelves. 

Pictures to come... eventually!

But in sewing news, I have a few projects on my to-do list! I can't chat too much about this one, since it's for the upcoming Halloween blog hop...

I have two baby quits basted and ready to be quilted, plus two others than still need to be basted first. Let's not even talk about the baby gifts for friends and dresses for Ev that I'm excited to sew!

I'll end this random posting with some stormy pictures. I was able to practice using my camera's remote and shutter speed settings to try and capture lightning bolts, since we had quite the show last week... the storm did eventually get to us, and left us with more than 2" of rain. 


  1. The storm photos are really good. We definitely have had some dramatic looking skies recently.

    Can't wait to see what your Halloween fabrics become!

  2. I'll be excited to see what you make for that hop - I didn't join it because I was already doing two in September. Of course, now I'm wishing I had signed up anyway. :) blessings, marlene