Thursday, November 16, 2017

Black Sweater Knit

Just trying to finish up all these posts that have been "drafts" for half a year. I uploaded the pictures and then never took the time to write a post for them!

One of Evelyn's first weeks of preschool last year... this is what she put together for an outfit... an old Minnie Mouse Dress, a new black sweater and crazy leggings...

She wanted to match me, so I obliged by wearing a pink shirt and a black cardigan :)

This is one of the first pieces of clothing that I made him that he was excited about. It was finally his turn to try on something! Plus, it matched the fabric on his sister's and my sweaters. He did not wear this often - it was almost too small. I do want to try making another one of these for him soon though. I love vests!

Patterns: Ellie Dolman Cardigan by Elliedactyl, V-Neck Vest by Winter Wear Designs, and Welcome to the Mouse House Julia Cardigan (plus a M4M Minnie Mouse Dress and M4M Bonny Leggings - Ev's outfit!)

Fabric: The black open-weave sweater-knit was from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Ev's leggings were made from clearance leggings from Walmart and her Minnie Mouse dress fabric was from Walmart... years ago!


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