Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pearl Bracelets Cheer Skirt

I recently shared that I made a skirt with the Pearl Bracelets fabric I chose to buy with a gift certificate I won last summer (Pink Chalk Fabrics). 
Well, I finally took a few pictures!

I first made this in an afternoon prior to Evelyn attending her first volleyball game at the local school. Because I was rushed, it wasn't the best skirt design, but it works! I sewed the strips together to make a long rectangle, lined it with some chevron flannel from JoAnns, and added some elastic. The elastic wasn't my first choice - I borrowed it from my mother-in-law since I couldn't find my stash in all our packed boxes. I designed the skirt so that I can replace the elastic easily enough when I do find mine.

She definitely has some school spirit! (And also some Minnesota Vikings spirit for Dan's sake... you should have seen the Sunday the Vikings played the Packers... a Green Bay onesie with this skirt, ha!)

This was the night of the Alumni Basketball Tournament as a fundraiser for the school/community wellness center. Dan played and his team even won one game!

Go Tornadoes!

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  1. Very cute skirt! I went to a small school, so understand the school spirit. I made one for Mikaela, but the elastic was too big. She still loves it. I could fix it, but by this summer it will be just right.