Monday, October 23, 2017

Another Hobby

I've painted wooden signs before, but lately it's become more prevalent in my free time activities...

This was a set-up for a MOPS bonfire at our house. 

A housewarming gift for one of Dan's coworkers. 

Multiple signs - gifts and door prizes and for myself!

This one ended up as a door prize for my MOPS Christmas party.

A few more additions...

Preschool and Sunday School teacher gifts!

And a few more... I've already got plans for painting more this Christmas, but I don't think it will be as many! It's always a battle to decide what needs to be done and what I really want to be doing. Between sewing and painting, I have plenty of crafty plans to undertake!

PS: Thanks to my inlaws for taking down the white shed... the wood is perfect for my projects :D 


  1. You've done a lovely job on these signs. I'm sure every recipient has enjoyed their sign.