Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Modeled Pictures of the Sally Dress

Remember in April when I made 2 Sally Dresses for E and her cousin? Well, here are a few pictures of E in her dress :)

It fits better than I expected it to. I was worried that the straps were going to be too wide and would fall of her shoulders, but they have been fine. It's still a little tight to put on and take off, but that is to be expected in a non-closure woven dress.

I created the flower crown with a twine ribbon and fake daisies from Walmart and a shear ribbon leftover from my wedding 5 years ago. E has enjoyed playing with her crown now and again :)

Especially with all the hot days that we've had this summer, I'm so thankful that I made this dress with lightweight fabrics. It is perfect for a Midwestern summer!! 

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