Monday, February 23, 2015

More February Finishes for Ev

A few more February finishes... it's been a good month for finishing up a few small projects that have been in my pile for awhile.

This was my first time sewing the Lulu Dress and Top from Cino. Here's a link to the pattern. I've had the pattern pieces and fabric cut out for a few months now and I was getting nervous about sewing the elastic casing with the knit fabric. Thankfully, I was worked up over nothing! This pattern was a quick sew... especially since I didn't hem the skirt :) I love making play clothes out of knits - they are a lot faster to sew than cotton clothes without all the hemming and seam finishing that you need to do with cotton!

This is the dress and cap-sleeve version... grey interlock from JoAnns and a blue, sparkly knit from Hancock. It's big on her now, but should be great by the time summer rolls around... 

Both knits from Hancock - the blue is very thin. I used the sleeveless top version of the pattern. This should be perfect for playing my parents' lake cabin! The top fabric is not as stretchy as the interlock, so it may not fit as long, but it should still work for most of the summer.

You've already seen this dress - it was E's Birthday dress for my ALYOF February goal. I finally took the time to try it on her and take some pictures. It fits and it should be perfect for her birthday in a few months. She loves the shoes I recently found for the summer. They have "bows" on them, haha ... aka flowers...

And finally, here is the purse I made with some of the skirt scraps and leftovers from the solid fat quarters. I had the ribbon and the pom-pom trim in my stash. Those pom-poms were not fun to sew, so I was happy to use them up! 


This isn't a WIP post, but I just wanted to see how the old list and the updated list compare. I love feeling productive!

  • 1 baby quilt needing binding (done!)
  • 2 baby quilts needing quilting then binding (progress: quilting done with one half way done with binding and one needing the entire binding)
  • 1 lap quilt needing quilting then binding (on the back burner)
  • 9 baby quilt tops needing backs (done! Now, 3 of them need to be basted before quilting and binding... the other 6 will go on the back burner)
  • 2 cotton Easter/Spring for E that are part-way done and one matching "purse" (done!)
  • 2 knit dresses for E that have been cut but need some sewing done (done!)
  • 1 pillow top ready for quilting and then needing a back (back burner until those 3 baby quilts are done... can you guess what my March goal will be?!)


On a final note, we recently took the crib out of E's room! Her big girl bed was already in her room, but we took out the box spring, so the mattress is just sitting on the floor between the bed frame. She has slept great at night so far with her naps being decent.  We are so glad we started this transition when we did... once we started thinking about it, we're glad we don't have to fight the summer sun at night. Her room is pitch black at bedtime, which I'm sure helps her fall asleep without being lured to play in her room. So far so good! 

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  1. The dresses are all cute, but the birthday dress is just darling. So is the little bag. Great month of sewing!