Monday, September 23, 2013

It Feels So Good!

It feels so good to be home!!

 We arrived early Saturday morning (we drove through the night, since Evelyn finally slept once it got dark out), and we unloaded the last item on Sunday afternoon. We are living with Dan's parents on the home farm, since we'll be in charge of the cattle - they're still deciding if they want to buy or build, but they wanted us home to help with the upcoming harvest.

 Here come the steers!
On Saturday, Dan's dad, Tim, was at a football game, so Dan was in charge of feeding these boys. Jumping right into the farm life!

Just while walking around this past weekend, I'm getting so excited to take pictures! Don't get me wrong, Montana had beautiful scenery, but I love the prairies and I love the farm scenes... especially in the early mornings. Of course, I haven't been up early enough yet to get really good pictures, but I'll get around to it :)

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