Monday, April 24, 2017

Repurposing T-Shirts

I guess saving all those shirts throughout the years has payed off ;) 

For a cousin's new baby... to remind them of the connection back to Sinai, SD!

There's only a few people that I can sew using shirts that has my maiden name on the back!

Patterns: Peekaboo Pattern Shop's Lullaby Bodysuit and Patterns for Pirates' Playground pants.

A fun reminder of the hours playing T-ball and softball under the summer sun!

Pattern: Peekaboo Pattern Shop's Lullaby Bodysuit

It was a hard year for my high school graduation class - this fall, one classmate lost her husband to a hard-fought battle with brain cancer. Two months later, we lost a classmate in a tragic hunting accident where he and his younger brother both lost their lives. I graduated with about 40 other students after spending the previous 13 years together in the same building... so we're a tight-knit class, and these losses were very hard to deal with.

Well, that classmate who died in the hunting accident died about a week or so before his birthday. On that birthday, his little girl was born. I wasn't quite ready to cut up my senior shirt, but thankfully a classmate mailed me his, so I could make this bunny for the new baby. May she always know the love of her father and the support from his classmates.

Patterns: Bunny Lovey by UnlikelyNest

I also made this outfit for her - the top uses a shirt that my mom decided was too small for her (she still teaches at our school). 

Patterns: Peekaboo Pattern Shop Violet Tunic and Go-To Pattern's free baby legging pattern

These were made for a benefit for that same family. I was thankful that I could do something to help!

Pattern: Peekaboo Pattern Shop Violet Tunic 

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  1. These are so cute! My friends Sarah and Bekah Eggers graduated from SV, but I think they would have been in about '00 or '01. My college friend Sarah and her son Jack live out there now, so I keep up with SV through them. Small towns are close knit groups.