Monday, January 5, 2015

A Shelf for Ev

I always love a good before-and-after project! This started as a rummage/vintage/garage sale find. I only bought it this past summer, but I cannot remember how much I paid for it! After a little work, it became a nice shelf for my daughter's newly-decorated bedroom.

Even before buying a house, I always loved the idea of putting a piece of wood on some decorative brackets to make an easy shelf. Well, here was a shelf that already had the decorative brackets, so I didn't even think twice before picking this up at the sale!

First, it was time to sand. 

Then, I used some above-ground-pool supports (that have since been sold to a scrap metal place) to make a nice spray-painting station in the back yard. 

The only black spray paint that we had on hand was some super-tough-on-rust stuff that my husband previously used on our SUV hitch. All I cared about that it was black :)

After spray painting the brackets, I primed and painted. The final paint color is one shade away from the wall color. It was the same paint that I used for her dresser and desk (upcoming post).

I topped it off with my hexi-scrap table topper and a few special frames and pictures of E. 

Project complete :)


  1. Great project! I love the little hexi quilt!

  2. Great shelf. The brackets do make the difference!