Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Young One's Wall Art {E's Room}

I decided that Evelyn needed more on her walls, so I browsed Pinterest for some wall art ideas. Ever since I learned how to create my own using this tutorial, I have felt more confident in making more (here was my first project).

There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, so I kind of picked and choosed before I went to Photoshop and created a print-out that was the exact same size as the wood board I found out in the wood pile that came with our house. 

The piece had been done for several weeks (and annoying my husband for just lying on our kitchen island), before we put up the mirror. I couldn't hang the art before I knew how tall the mirror would be. But now, the mirror is up, the art is up and my husband doesn't have to be annoyed by my projects lying all over the kitchen... well, until I come up with another crafty project :)

1 comment:

  1. Mind blown. I can't believe you made that! I remember seeing the first sign when I was at your house, and just assumed you had bought it somewhere. They both turned out awesome, I might have to try that sometime.