Friday, December 13, 2013

8 Months

This active little girl is 8 months old! 

  • She loves peek-a-boo, splashing in the bathtub, and hearing herself jabber and squeal. 
  • She loves playing the piano, banging on toys, and climbing on everything.
  • She can slooooowly walk herself along the couch/ottoman/boxes in the basement. 
  • We're still working on helping her enjoy solid foods. She does love to pick up peas/noodles/rice and put them in her mouth during mealtimes, though... so she is kind of getting the hang of it!
  • Since she loves sucking/chewing on Mom's Camelbak water bottle so much, we bought her a sippy cup with a straw. We mostly just put water in it, but today she did have some expressed milk. Some of it still dribbles out of her mouth, but for the most part, she can get liquid from something other than me :) Viva, Evelyn!
  • She loves paper. I found the first bits of chewed up paper in her dirty diaper today. Let the fun begin ;)
  • Faces are her favorite... anything that has eyes will get a smile, giggle and squeal from her... 
  • Naps are still a process. She's still waking up a few times at night. This is always worse when she has a cold. Thankfully, she's finally getting over one that she's been fighting since Thanksgiving.
  • No new teeth, but I think she'll be getting more on the bottom soon.
  • She's starting to be shy and bashful around people she doesn't see on a regular basis.
  • She's starting to whimper when people she wants to be with leave the room. This happens more often when she is tired of being with me!
  • We're still working on how to go down stairs. She thinks going head first is the way to go (don't worry, she hasn't actually tried this yet!).


  1. Mathew goes up the stairs with no problem, but he hasn't mastered going down yet. He does however know to stop at the top, so that is good. We're in a teething phase, so Mathew has started waking more at night again.